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New BD MAX™ System Assays: Advanced Diagnostic Solutions Now Available at Trident Labs

At Trident Labs, Inc., we're constantly striving to elevate the standard of care we provide to our clients. That's why, as of May 1, 2023, we're proud to introduce two new cutting-edge diagnostic panels to our testing lineup: the BD MAX™ CTGCTV2 Assay and the BD MAX™ Vaginal Panel. These assays are powered by the innovative BD MAX™ System, an automated test system designed to deliver highly accurate, reliable, and efficient results for urogenital disease diagnosis.

Unparalleled Efficiency and Accuracy with BD MAX™ System

The BD MAX™ System sets a new benchmark in diagnostic testing by seamlessly integrating extraction and thermocycling into a single platform. Capable of handling multiple specimen types and assays simultaneously, it reduces hands-on time to less than a minute per sample. The system's high sensitivity, specificity, and real-time PCR technology ensure superior accuracy, supporting clinical decision-making and patient management【9†source】【10†source】【11†source】【12†source】【13†source】.

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