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Our Services

Trident Labs offers both urine and oral fluid drug testing to help medical offices monitor adherence to prescription medication and abstinence from illicit drugs.

Robust Testing

Work with us to design a custom testing profile perfectly suited to your practice's needs. We offer screen and complex confirmation testing for both oral fluid and urine.

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48-Hour Turnaround

Within 48 hours of reaching our lab, your patient's sample will yield a complete, highly-customizable report delivered to your practice in your specified manner.

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Flexible Reporting

We understand that clients have unique preferences for the way they receive results. Here at Trident, we work closely with clients to present results in the way most useful for their practice.  Capabilities include the traditional paper reports with customizable sections, online portal access, and EMR interfacing.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Trident Labs is housed in  Michigan State University's Bioeconomy Institute - a dedicated scientific facility. This controlled environment allows our specialized instrumentation to run at peak performance to produce rapid, high-quality results.

Advanced Instrumentation & Methods

Trident's workflow provides health care professionals with  testing methods that seamlessly integrate into their practice.

Samples are screened for compounds using Enzyme
Immunoassay (EIA) technology.



Samples are prepared utilizing Solid Phase Extraction (SPE),  
then analyzed via liquid chromatography tandem mass-spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) to yield quantitative results.

Dedicated Support Team

When you call Trident Labs, you will immediately reach a knowledgeable, highly-trained staff member. We are prepared to answer any questions related to our toxicology testing or your specific needs. 


If your question requires advanced knowledge, you will receive an answer from one of our technical analysts within one business day.

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