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Trident Labs is a high complexity toxicology laboratory located in Holland, Michigan.  We provide custom toxicology testing solutions to nationwide clients. With our robust testing menu, advanced facilities and instrumentation, and exceptional customer support, we can provide your practice with fast & accurate results. 

Trident Offers:

Robust Testing 

Trident offers advanced, custom testing profiles for urine and oral fluid

48-Hour Turnaround

Trident recognizes that you need your results as soon as possible.

Flexible Reporting 

Trident delivers custom reporting and delivery of results.

Quality Results and Customer Care

Instrumentation & Methods

We carry complex EIA screening & LC/MS/MS confirmation options.


Our lab is housed in a dedicated biotechnology facility, equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation.

Support Team

Our highly-educated support staff are available every business day to answer your questions.

Would you like to learn more? 
Call Toll-Free: 855-875-2532 -or- 
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